How to have a happy and balanced dog


Today’s urban dog must become integrated into our society. 

It is necessary as canine caregivers to become knowledgeable in the abc’s of canine education and canine communication.  

We must be able to correctly interpret and act upon the dog’s signals to allow him the greatest success.

How I can help

We can learn to educate our dog so that he is properly integrated into our community.

I can teach you how to create a relationship between man and dog based on mutual confidence and respect. Yes it is possible!

This can be accomplished with thoughtful reinforcement, taking into account the whole situational context including the dog’s responses, yet not relying on physical restraint.  It requires knowing how to adapt ourselves to whatever is occurring in the moment according to what the dog is showing us.  

How we can establish a relationship of complicity with our dog :

  • Avoid training techniques that are painful in any way to the dog
  • Through our body language
  • Mindful of our words and emotions
  • Be aware of inconsistencies in our expectations

With this understanding, we can easily live in harmony with our dog on a daily basis. 

Communication is always possible !

Our dogs communicate with us all the time! We just have to learn how to interpret what they are saying and act accordingly. 

If our words say one thing and our body says another we are sending mixed signals to our dog.

Different situations

Going on outings and walks with other dogs can be fun and are essential for your dog’s continued socialization. 
Having training time with your child is important. Children can be great dog owners!!
Exposing your dog to all types of situations helps him/her deal with the unexpected!!

How you can Help your dog Be happy

Starting very early in your puppy’s life, expose him/her to very different stimuli, i.e. climbing on a moving structure, can help build trust between you and your dog.
Using a gate is an important tool. It can help in introducing new pets or  resolving unwanted behaviors: jumping on visitors at the door, ….